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Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.

Helen Keller


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Hello! My name is Angela Kay Brown. I've been in the health care industry for almost 30 years as a nurse in primarily hospital settings. I've always enjoyed helping people. My current intention is to help people before they enter the "sick care" cycle. Join me on a journey to improve our overall heath via yoga, Reiki, meditation and essential oils use.

Essential Oils are the life blood of plants. their phytonutrients are compatible with our bodies and provide antioxidant support to our cells. Essential oils also create emotional states by acting upon our limbic system via our sense of smell. Want to learn more?

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Aroma Yoga

A deep dive into Chakra clearing using essential oils, polarity/yoga poses and meditation. This practice is sure to help you achieve a shift and bring about a calm and grounded feeling.

Urban Zen

This practice incorporates aromatherapy, yoga therapy movements, meditation, breath awareness and Reiki to bring about a deep sensation of relaxation and calmness.

Raindrop Treatment

Raindrop treatments incorporate essential oils and application techniques designed to provide deep relaxation. Sessions can be tailored to achieve immune support, muscle relaxation and a variety of other health goals.


I am available for private, corporate, group and yoga studio instruction. Reach out to me to inquire about scheduling a class at your school, institution or studio.

Essential Oils

Plant medicine was the first medicine. I believe essential oils can have a great impact on both physical and mental health.

Helping people find solutions to their health concerns has always been my top priority as a nurse and now as a wellness advocate. I would welcome the opportunity to be an integral part in your wellness journey. As a nurse for almost 30 years I have helped people in the hospital setting and I would be pleased to have the opportunity to show the same dedication and compassion to those seeking a better way.


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Telephone: 404-895-8006
Location: 2912 1/2 S. Palm Grove Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90016


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